Le traitement de la phraséologie dans DEFI

Archibald Michiels


DEFI is a prototype computer tool aimed at ranking (from most to least relevant) the French translations of an English lexical item in context. This paper deals with the strategies used by DEFI to recognize multi-word units (mwus) in running text. Any lexical unit included in the lexical database used in the project (a merge of the Oxford/Hachette and Robert/Collins English-to-French dictionaries) and longer than a single word is submitted to a surface parser, and the same process is applied to the user ’s text. A program written in Prolog assesses the quality of the match between the parsed user’s text and candidate mwus retrieved from the project’s lexical database. The matcher is able to account for some of the distortions undergone by the mwu, e.g. movement of a constituent as a result of relativization or passivization.

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